The days of accepting clutter in the bike shop are done, the consumer now expects a familiar retail experience. Gosia Adamska of Which Interiors shares her view on how to ooze appeal to all customers through smart bike shop design…

If I am starting with a blank store canvas, what are the design fundamentals I should be thinking of?

First, you would need to think about what profit you would like your shop to bring and how many bikes and P&A you would have to sell to achieve it. Then you would have to do the exercise to see how and if the desired amount of product would fit in the space.

Second, you would need to define elements of the store you would like to have and see how that would work with the amount of the product.

Thirdly, you would need to think about the functionality and flow. These fundamentals are only the beginning and it is important to consider profitability as part of the design plan before you get creative.

Is there a period of time a shop should go between refreshes, or should the environment always be fresh to a degree?

Stores should aim to fully refresh their interior every five years. There is a window of time where it is only right to exchange tired and probably scuffed displays, as well as redecorate around these.

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Passing footfall looking inwards to your store needs to be drawn in by what they see through the glass. Bicycle retail design expert Gosia Adamska writes on her experience of catching the customer’s eye and showcasing goods effectively…

Like a product placement in a film production, lighting is one of those in store elements that might be not even noticed by your customer. Now you might wonder why you should then care at all how your store is illuminated. Why should you invest money into a properly done lighting design scheme when almost no one will pay attention to it? To start, take into the account the fact that we, as human beings, need sunlight to be healthy, to not feel depressed. Perhaps you had noticed how on a bright sunny day you suddenly have a boost of energy coming from nowhere and you feel like you can move mountains, that you are calmer and happier.

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