I can run your project from start to completion. 

From initial concept, branding, decorating services, mood boards, interior design, through to space planning, planning application, furniture design and procurement,  buildout, installation as well as interior projects co-ordination on site, as well as help with window display and visual merchandising, I can take care of everything

I collaborate with architects, structural engineers, local and international contractors, furniture & fixings producers, furniture restorers and suppliers based in UK and Europe.

I Design with Care 


Your Dream is Our Dream

Which Interiors will listen carefully to their clients brief and will make sure it is well understood before we sit in front of drawing board to create beautiful interior that works, that has a good flow, it’s functional  and  comfortable and specified to the highest luxury standards.

We work with and for individuals, brands, and developers.

No job is either too large or too small for us.

Functionality and Flow is the key

We can redesign our client’s property layout to their individual or commercial needs.

‘The Space’ should be turned into ‘Place’.

The space it is everything what surrounds. It can be inviting or unwelcoming. It is our great goal to create inviting interiors that turns into places to be, the places people want to spend their time in, they feel good in it and want to come back to it.

“The Flow” is the way your eye moves or is led through a composition.

We design with great consideration of the flow and how visually and physically the interior design, lighting and materials used influence people behaviour, how it drives their attention and directs them to the next place we want them to be.

To Meet New Reality Requirements

Which Interiors understands it is not always possible to meet clients in person, especially with COVID, a situation which is new to all of us. How this would work?

  1. We would have video Zoom meeting with you when you show us the space that needs our attention, and we discuss your brief in detail with you.
  2. You would need to provide us with all measurements and photographs of the space
  3. We draw up initial floor plan and mood board meeting your brief and requirements
  4. We will have another Zoom meeting when we will discuss options, for finishes, art, accessories and to sign off the initial floor plan.
  5. We will send you samples for you to approve.
  6. We communicate and prepare sketches with final design for your approval.
  7. We prepare final mood board as well as final render
  8. We prepare ‘shopping list’ of the items to review. After approved we place the order.
  9. Any building work, joinery would require contractor to visit to check final measurements before works start. We will send them to you.
  10. Installation work will happen when client it’s not presents at the property.
Organisation and Logistics

We know how dulling and time consuming all project coordination is. Which Interiors would like to remove such head ache from our clients and make sure every detail is planned ahead, that works and orders are up to speed and on time.

Tailor-Made Beauty

Sometimes, even a small change can make a huge difference to a troublesome area. Which Interiors’ specialty is offering the perfect way to bring out the best of any space without having to make any major alterations.

Personalised Attention

Our detailed pre-construction consultation will help you understand how we’ve achieved such a great reputation for understanding our clients and how we can turn their available space into an amazing space.

Precision Guaranteed

With our site surveys we will provide to our client:

  1. precisely measured plans 2d (and measurements for 3d drawings if required)
  2. measured furniture and fixtures if needed
  3. photographic evidence and short film
  4. condition of the flooring, ceiling, walls, windows, doors etc.
  5. report on elements that needs higher attention

Interior Design Done Right

Every room or building has its own personality, and the carefully chosen lighting it is one of the cores and most important elements of the design. We work with Lighting Design Consultants to make sure that proposed lighting meets our client need, brings the best from each interior and from the product shown.

Trusted Builders and Craftsman

We do work closely with our trusted contractors, we used on many projects across Europe. They fast, reliable, and they will provide high quality works and finishes. Our General Contractor is our additional eyes, to make sure everything is going smoothly, according to plan and on time.

When the Real Fun Begin

Installations of wallpapers, decorating walls, ceilings, installing graphics, tailing, assembling furniture and fixings you name it. We can do all. Our amazing contractors will deliver high quality, beautifully crafted space.

Ready Made or Custom 

We work with both furniture suppliers and producers, so you can choose from many ready-made items, customize it, or ask us to create something totally bespoke.

We also work with bespoke, handmade curtain makers to fit any windows.

We can:

  1. create order list for you that you take away and shop yourself.
  2. create order list and shop for you with either high street retailers or with our suppliers to get cheaper price for you or get items you cannot get in the shop.
  3. create custom made furniture, curtains, window dressing and produce it for you.

Not from the High Street 

We work closely with furniture producers therefore we can offer not from the high street furniture and fixtures range in competitive price and unusual, very high-quality finishes.

Contracting furniture we have offer are all having fire certificates (including Cigarette and Match test (BS5852) for households and CRIB5 for public spaces) and pay attention that  FSC standards are met to make sure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner.

We have a broad access to various finishes and upholstery, to make sure our client has beautifully made and unique furniture.

Our furniture is available as contracting or for individual client’s needs.

See our Product range.

We give new live to tired furniture 

We know how hard is to say goodbye to something that has sentimental value.

We are also all know that as human beings we produce hundreds of millions of tones waste every year, that has unbelievably bad influence on our planet and our wellbeing. Each single person can make great impact to change it and as designing company we have even greater influence on it. It is important to us not to produce unnecessary waste therefore we always try to work with our clients to consider first what we could do to reuse what they already have before deciding to buy a new product.

We do collaborate with great furniture restorers to make sure the renewed furniture will look beautiful and like new, using as much most environmentally friendly yet luxury paints, fabrics, and chemicals.

Contracting Furniture and Fixtures