Victorian House, Wanstead, London

Victorian House, Wanstead, London



The owner of the Victorian 4 flat house wanted to build freestanding 3 story cottage house next to his property. The property is based in Wanstead, London and adjacent to the church site to the left with the land where the owner planned to build the new cottage, and his garden was adjacent to the large garden that belonged to the 4 flats in Victorian house he owed, and adjacent to the front gardens of the houses behind. There was an external fire escape staircase attached to the side of the Victorian building. The new cottage would have to imitate the Victorian house look on the right and connect visually to the church on the left. The client wanted the cottage to be 3 bedrooms, with open plan ground floor containing kitchen, living room and toilet) and basement room as the utility / storage, which meant to keep the window line aligned with next door house it would have to be split levels.


There were plenty challenges during designing proposal, as we not only had to take into the account two adjacent buildings and make the building seat in between such a great property like it was always there, but also the neighbors living in the houses behind the properties garden had put lots of challenge on proposed height of the building mentioning the house will obstruct the view on the beautiful tree that will no longer be seen and the open view to the sky. Also, one of the external wall will be running just on the property boundary.

We had successfully apply client’s needs to our design regarding the cottage layout and the house size as well as its look, got the church agreement on the works that would have to be accessed from their property as well as planned the cottage’s garden with the new tree.


The project was designed by Gosia Adamska whilst she worked for Blanchard Consulting Ltd London. Gosia took part in all neighbors negotiations,  and whole planning approval process.