The Edge Cycleworks, Lancacter, UK

The Edge Cycleworks, Lancacter, UK



The Edge Cycleworks suffered in 2016 an enormous 90cm flood that damaged most of the store’s floor, fixtures and furniture and including the stock.

The client wanted to refurbish the store to make it look as a bicycle boutique in industrial style with coffee corner and at the same time it was particularly important to take into an account that there might be another flood coming in a future again as it is ongoing problem in the location.


The key was to offer the smart, robust solution that will survive any future flood. We offered high raised fixtures, where possible, steel bicycle plinths, and concrete finish to make sure next time the least damage will be done.

The electric switch cabinet was moved higher to make sure the water will not get into it in the future.

We had decided to go forward with sealed concrete for the flooring.

Most of the furniture, other than single steel bike plinths, were custom made and fixed to the ceiling. All made of lacquered steel and recycled scaffold boards. Together with exposed brick and breeze blocks that we stripped the walls to, Chesterfield sofa and copper accessories completed the new industrial store’s look.


The project was done whilst working for Trek as Design Lead / Construction Manager Europe.