Sklep Rowerowy, Warsaw, Poland

Sklep Rowerowy, Warsaw, Poland

Café, Retail


The client had already 3 stores located around Warsaw and that was his 4th, new, location. 

The owners bought 660sqm, 10m high warehouse that previously was one of the film studio’s in the area. There were huge hanging chains lifts and giant 45cm thick matrasses like window covers to black out the whole space for filming. The glass in windows were partially broken.

The whole area is very much industrial with brutalism style buildings set in the green surroundings.  The client left us free hand on the design as long as it was going well with his brand. They were specific about aim to have bike café at their new store and workshop close to the entrance. 


Fascinated by this beautiful industrial building I wanted to respect the look and feel of it and the whole surrounding area. At the same time I wanted the store to be welcoming and cosy so the customer doesn’t feel overwhelmed and lost. I warmed it up by using OSB boards and green colour  that relates to the brand colour of the store owner and brings outdoor subtle feel to the interior. The material I decided to go forward with was  at the same time relatively cheap way to make the whole interior look good.

To navigate the customer I had created giant banners with graphics related to the category of bikes that were visible from each part of the store which at the same time solved the problem of fixing great part of the walls above the display.  I had created the bicycle parking to the left of the entrance so the customer could leave his / hers bike in safe place whilst browsing through the store, or enjoying cake and coffee.  The workshop was planned to the right from the entrance as per client request.  At the end of the building I had created storage with floor to ceiling shelving for client to have space to keep stock for all his 4 stores, using forklift. Above the storage space we built staff area, above which we built office space with the aerial view on the whole store. POS it is situated in 1/3rd depth of the store as a 3 way island with good view to every part of the store. Café is situated to the right and opposite the counter with seating space at the ground floor level and at the mezzanine. I planned large area designated for children with product but also with the entertainment for the youngest customer, fun and vibrant area opposite the café, where parents can see them from.

The store was opened in 2016 and it is buzzing enclave for great product, great customer service, tasty coffee and cakes since then.


The project was done whilst working for Trek as Design Lead / Construction Manager Europe.