Sitting Room, Milton Keynes, UK

Sitting Room, Milton Keynes, UK



The client wanted her sitting room to be done in Retro eclectic style, and to have a feel bringing outdoors inside. Here favourite colours were green and pink as to remind her of flowers and Spring. It was important to the client that there is lots of comfortable sitting as she like to bring her whole family into that room to spent time together drinking tea by the fire, talking, and playing games.


As the clients request the room was designed in Retro eclectic style where we would place only furniture that are necessity for a comfort of the user, and minimum decorative items, but plenty of greenery to make the room feel like you are sitting in the garden rather than enclosed room. As our client would like to have a room which is elegant but energizing for the colour scheme and liked green and pink, we had introduced pale pink on furnishing, matched with light brown eco leather, natural oak wood, green in dark electric shade on the walls, and lighter shades of green for the wall with wallpaper as well as white brick wall.

The central part of the room is a sitting area with 2 sofas and armchair all gathered in front of refurbished chimney built of half matt polished concrete slabs, which was brought all the way to the ceiling, with rose gold frame mirror and large tree trunk table on sculptured half sphere painted black and wall shade green geometric lace like metal base seating on green, grey and cream rug and two floor lamps with white shades and surrounded by plants standing on the metal potholders.

To the left of the chimney, we had planned natural oak wood shelves with Retro suitcase on wooden legs storage unit. To the right of the chimney, we planned little indoor jungle with lots of different size and shape plants.

The floor would be satin concrete.

The ceiling will be plastered and painted white.  The windows will be double glazed in a white wood frames with light grey organza curtains. Double French door to the sitting room will be in oak wood frame.

We wanted the room to have few different lighting options for the client to be able to set different mood to the room. We have rose cold pendant light above the central part of the room, two floor lamps by the sitting area as well as 4 dimmed light half round retro opaque white wall lights.