Shipra Mall, Ahmadabad, India

Shipra Mall, Ahmadabad, India

Café, Retail


The site is located in Ahmadabad just outside the old city wall with fair proximity to the Airport and new Riverfront development.
The project spreads into three different usages: Retail, Hotel and Offices.
The Retail building, the starting point of the scheme was already developed when an extension of the program was requested for Hotel and Office areas.


The final building massing and program distribution reflects the intention of preserving the early retail scheme and shape as much as possible.
The Mall features three levels of retail and leisure plus a lower ground-level hypermarket. Anchor stores and line shops are complimented by a food court, cafes, multi-screen cinema and entertainment areas. The Hotel, is located over the retail building with two terraces, serving the banquet and pool areas. The Offices face the “plaza” in front of the “Egg” Mall entrance.
The materials selected are warm and respond to a modern contemporary feel, smoothly articulating the different areas and functions.
The overall design concept is lively and playful, embodying India’s colorful cultures and traditions.
The accompanying visuals illustrate the design approach/process in bringing together the various elements of the project.


The visuals were produced for CRTKL, when Gosia was working for the company.