Na Szosie, Warsaw, Poland

Na Szosie, Warsaw, Poland


Small but very busy store in Warsaw, Poland, called Na Szosie (On the Road) that I had worked on in 2016. The store is run by two owners, Marek Bala and ex pro road racer Robert Radosz “Dexter”.

Challenging 110sqm (1184sqft) / with only 69sqm (743sqft) sales floor area needed every cm of the floor to be used well to accommodate required amount of the bikes and accessories, and to be profitable, yet to find the space for seating area so the store owners can receive their customers and their guests to the store.

I had used the branding colours (red & blue) through to the whole store, on the counter top and bottom, shelving on the window, bottom and top of wall displays and at the bottom of the bike plinths, which together with white slat walls and specially for the store aged wooden boards as the main material to build all furniture and to clad the walls, made it feel warm, vibrant and welcoming.


The project was done whilst working for Trek as Design Lead / Construction Manager Europe.