Fabryka Rowerow, Czestochowa, Poland

Fabryka Rowerow, Czestochowa, Poland



The client located in Poland wanted to relocate his existing store as the pervious location had not enough space any longer for his blooming business.

He found the property located not far away from the current store but in better spot, by the busy road. The freestanding built 10 years ago from prefabricated parts brought by the owner from Sweden was serving as the car repair place, with 3 sets of large garage door, all mechanical tools and car oils on the floor. Badly lighten with old fluorescent lamps, cold with no heating and not much insulation and not very well maintained externally, with complex of small rooms in one side. Yet, visionary perfect as to become future, beautiful bicycle store and physiotherapy studio that Bike Factory is offering to their clients as part of their services.

The brief from the client was simple – he wanted to be the best bicycle store in the area (he was already but the wanted his store to stand out), with vision of using local artist for mural in the store and seeing his store as place to be and that his clients will feel great when visiting. The bike and Trek brand passionate owner gave us the idea.


We decided to turn the old car repair into ‘Red Barn’ from Wisconsin Waterloo, US where Trek brand was born and the client oved the idea.

The first thought was clearly – ‘what a crazy idea that is’ but both the client and the owner of the property, when shown the whole vision of how the space would look like and how we would like to change the exterior got as excited as we were. The owner of the property had decided that he will invest into all internal and external walls and do it on his own cost, bringing new prefabricated elements and paint the whole space as per specifications we gave him.

New lighting, new walls, beautiful mural done by local artist, professionally looking workshop and physiotherapy / bike fitting studio together with Trek iconic symbols – ‘Red Barn’ , Henry the Sheep, Wisconsin Cow and even bicycle traffic lights shows entirely how bike, brand passionate the client is.

Bike Factory got and still getting many compliments from their customers regarding and space that brought the whole ‘wow’ factor in.


The project was done whilst working for Trek as Design Lead / Construction Manager Europe.