Concept Design Centrum Rowerowe, Poland

Concept Design Centrum Rowerowe, Poland

Café, Retail


Retail concept design for between 2500 – 4000sqm bike store with both like department store feel and boutique like feel. 

The brief was given by client to find the way to incorporate existing online store branding into the physical store design, without overloading the interior with two contrasting branding colours. To meet the requirement to create large department store with boutique like feel at the same time, where customers feel welcome, not overwhelmed, they can feel sense of community, and despite the size of the store feel like that will be their local bike store.


Winning Concept Design that leads WHiCH iNTERiORS to act as retail consultant on the client’s store development projects located in Poland, for both design and technical aspect and built.

At the entry of the store there is decompression zone, which helps client to transfer themselves from outside world to the inside of it. The decompression zone is closed of by featured product display to show the latest product but also it’s function is to navigate client to the desired destination. The whole bicycle category part of the store is closed off by demo track where clients can test the bike before they buy it. There is signage system to inform about product categories and to navigate the customer to the correct part of the store. There are few main zones to attract customer in / or and for the additional service purposes, such as kids zone, click and collect, brands zones, customer relaxation zone etc.



This are concept design visuals, the final store design will be shared when it is built and it might be different than seen here.