Bread Factory, Moscow, Russia

Bread Factory, Moscow, Russia



The site received by the developer who wanted to build high density office space on it had consisted an existing protected, built in 1933 Bread Factory building in soviet modernism style.  The idea was to turn Bread Factory into shopping / café / restaurant space preserving the building’s architecture and to have office space adjacent to it.


The concept for office lobby interior design main entrance was to create welcoming, yet modern space using natural material such as stone with various textures and types, including alabaster in warm shade and play of light, rusty metal panels or leather panels in shade of rust, large warm light colour pendant lights and green wall but at the same time toned down with blue light and cold tones used for reception area to make it to stand out.

For male toilets area the concept continues to use natural stone and leather adding elegant look and red ceramics and leather panels to women’s toilet to make it look chic and powerful.


The visuals were produced for CRTKL, when Gosia was working for the company.