AirBike, Warsaw Poland

AirBike, Warsaw Poland

Café, Retail


The client had already 3 stores located around Warsaw and that was his 4th, new, location. 

The property that the client had bought its located in a great, known by cyclists in capital of Poland, location – Wilanow – as it was where you could go out of the busy city to the quieter country roads from within matter of few minutes.

The client’s dream was to have café in his new bicycle store, flexible setup for the cycling events he was planning to have at his place, open space workshop for mechanic to have direct contact with client and the possibility the client can participate in the service. He was fascinated by Rapha stores look and feel.


The store is done in rough, industrial finishes with exposed bricks painted dark grey, white, and pink stripe going around all walls as well as metal sheets on the walls in the sensitive areas such as service and recycled wood wall cladding to warm the whole interior up. We had created made of raw steel wheel display wall that is at the same time see through screen at the entrance, where the café area sitting space is on its other side.  The freestanding and wall display furniture is made of upcycled wood and inspired by Rapha.


The project was done whilst working for Trek as Design Lead / Construction Manager Europe.