We are environmentally minded.

It is very important to us that our design we provide is environmentally minded and ethical.

We design responsibly making sure our client is aware of eco-friendly, recyclable solutions and choice of sustainably sourced items.


Our aim is to provide sustainable design to our clients as much as possible. We do care how our design approach will impact an environment, what would be left on the landfill after the client to decide to refurbish again and how long the items will be decomposing, as well as if this items maybe can be reused.  To reduce CO2 emission, we make sure we source locally as much as possible.


As human beings we produce hundreds of millions of tones waste every year, that has awfully bad influence on our planet and our wellbeing. Each single person can make great impact to change it and as design studio we have even greater influence on it. It is important to us not to produce unnecessary waste therefore we always try to work with our clients to consider first what we could do to reuse what they already have and if we have to buy a new product we making sure it is recyclable.

We do collaborate with great furniture restorers to make sure the renewed furniture will look beautiful and like new, using as much most environmentally friendly yet luxury paints, fabrics, and chemicals.


The impact of the space on the health and wellbeing is enormous. We tend to spend much more time indoors these days than ever before therefore it is especially important to make sure that people feel good in the environment, they spend their time in. We love bringing outdoors in to make customers feel like they are sitting in a garden room rather than in enclosed room, natural materials and finishes, that with correct space planning, play of lighting, making sure the rooms feel bright and airy or atmospheric and moody depends what client would like to achieve, colors, planting and correct none toxic materials used we can influence how people function, how they engage in the activities and how they feel in the space we design.